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Memorial Network | Tributes to departed loved ones
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“When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure”

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Store Unlimited Data

If you wish to relive the happy memories of your departed loved ones, you may do so through an online memorial. Upload photos, audios and videos that would highlight his/her special moments. Feel free to upload all the files and we’ll gladly preserve the treasured memories for you.




Offer Flowers and Candles

When visiting our loved ones’ tomb, most of us would offer flowers and candles. Offering candles could be more powerful when combined with a solemn prayer. Now, offering flowers and candles is just a click away.


Memorial Messages


Relatives and friends are given the chance to send their condolences to the family members. Plus, if you wish to share the most joyous moments you have shared with this person, you are free to do so. Knowing that people remembers their loved ones could help family members get through the pain.

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